Metallurgic solutions


Metallurgic solutions

TECNOTOOL is a part of TECNO TROQUELES, and has been developed thanks to its long term global vision, commitment forward to continual improvement, state of the art technology and the talent of its human resources.

Founded in 1988, TECNOTOOL its not looking to be just another supplier. Its goal is to be part of the team of its customers, maintaining the highest standards of quality, innovation, technology and service.

TECNOTOOL’S experience in the international market and high level of quality and service has maintaned close relationships with its customers for more than 18 years.

we offer Solutions

Formed by a group of avant-garde companies, Tecno Troqueles has grown from being a company oriented in the elaboration of dies, until offering our clients integral solutions.

ALWAYS improving

Tecno Troqueles knows about the importance of quality in maintaining continuous growth, which is why it is currently in the process of obtaining its ISO 9001 certification.


Tecno Troqueles has grown from a company focused on the development of molds to offer our customers integrated high quality solutions for the development of their products.


Our Vocation

In Tecno Troqueles we have the responsibility and commitment with the people and their families, who collaborate with their mission, because in them is the success of the company. Each of the members of the Tecno Troqueles family seeks competitiveness, growth and development of the company, as it is known that through this individual growth is achieved. In Tecno Troqueles, customers come first, because they are the ones who manifest through their purchase, the pleasure of our effort and teamwork. We believe in teamwork because only through this we achieve our goals.


We remain focused on our fundamentals; Competitive strengths that create value for our people, customers and communities.

Tecno Tool

Tecno Tool is a part of Tecno Troqueles. And it has developed thanks to its long-term global vision, its commitment to continuous improvement, cutting-edge technology and the talent of its human resources.

Tecno Punch

We offer all types of punches, buttons and die parts. Manufacture of ball-lock, standard and precision products with an extend scale of classes and shapes.

Tecno Punch: Turret

Our New Tecno Punch Turret line. Offers punches, dies and strippers for high turret. Type A, B, C and D and E compatible with all brands of CNC Punching Machines of the Market. The use of high-end steel in our products makes TECNO PUNCH TURRET a reliable tool with excellent performance.